Saturday, March 12, 2016

Clay Art Challenge Day 9 & 10

I've been busy the last several days creating some miniature tree set pieces for a stop motion animation project. Because of that I haven't been as diligent photographing the work in progress photos for my 30 Day Art Challenge as I would have liked.

Here is a link to my FB page where I updated Day 9 of the challenge Friday evening :

I was able to get an early start this morning roughing out the armature of my new critter. Since this piece will be bigger I'm using self curing Aves Apoxie Sculpt . 

Adding the interior of the mouth using Super Sculpey.

 The fangs have been added and here I'm detailing the sides of the mouth.

 The aluminum foil armature that will be the basis for the shell.

 The creature and its Super Sculpey shell baked and ready to be glued on.

The worm-like snail creature painted and posed in front of one of the miniature trees.

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