Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Monster Time

Halloween is right around the corner and I haven't finished my new monster decoration yet! Our old monster had one of those paper skulls from Michael's that I sculpted paper mache over.

We got a couple of years out of it before it started crumbling apart. The new monster has a styrofoam skull which I sculpted Apoxie clay over.

Here he is with some hair being added. I'm hopeful he'll stand up to the elements better then his predecessor!

Besides monster making I've been replacing hooks on my fishing lures to get them ready for the fall striper run.

I have another board full of lures just like this one. But thankfully I don't use every lure. So I only have to ready my " go too " lures. These are the lures that over the years have proven themselves to produce more fish for me.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kong Spider Pit Finished

I have been working on my interpretation of the stop motion puppets and spider pit from King Kong (1933). I thought I'd share some photos of the completed work.

Here is a full view of the ravine.

A detail view of the right wall.

View of the top of the left wall.

The lizard creature slithering out of the cave in the ravine.

The lizard attacking one of the convicts.

The crab snatching one of the survivors up into its claws.

The lizard and the crab fighting over one of the convicts.

The spider polishing off a victim.

Convicts being menaced by the spider.

A view of the ravine shot through the cave opening.

The tentacle creature on the attack.

The inhabitants of the pit waiting for something else to fall into their lair.