Thursday, March 3, 2016

Clay Art Challenge Day 3

I was up early today and got a good start on my latest snail critter. I got the wire armature started and added Apoxie Sculpt clay to the tops of the attenae then stuck the pre-baked polymer clay eyes on. I created a hollow for the mouth and set the armature aside to cure.

Later in the day I added some pink tinted Super Sculpey into the mouth and gave the snail some pre-baked teeth.

Wrapping green floral wire around the steel wire to help the clay to adhere better.

    The body bulked out in tin foil and covered in masking tape.

     To save on painting time I sculpted the snail in green tinted polymer clay.

 I was pushed for time today so I didn't get a chance to photograph my sculpting the snail's shell. I'm pleased how it turned out. But definitely not a creature I'd want to bump into pushing a lawnmower!

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