Thursday, September 20, 2012

Visiting Obscura Antiques

My wife and I are fans of the Oddities TV show. So we decided to head in to NYC and visit the shop: . The shop is crammed with every imaginable kind of cool collectible! If I only had more shelf space and deep pockets. Diane and I poised for a photo in front of a two headed calf. After Obscura Antiques we headed over to Katz's Deli for lunch. Their food is delicious! We pigged out on brisket sandwiches.
We've had some strong storms come through our area creating big waves and strong rip currents.
I visited the beach Tuesday morning as the winds began to intensify. The combination of the wind and high tide left a patch of water in the middle of the beach that the seagulls were using for their morning bath.
At the height of the storm Diane and I visited the beach. The winds were so strong it was an effort for us just to get up the boardwalk ramp! The sea was all roiled up and ugly looking. The wind was unrelenting! It whipped the sand so powerfully it stung our skin. In spots on the beach mini sand storms formed.
When I went beachcombing the next morning I found three surf lures. Once I add new hooks I'll put them to good use.
I also found this perfectly preserved little crab. It is remarkable it came through that violent storm without being broken to bits!