Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Clay Art Challenge Day 7

I've been moving along on my goal of sculpting 30 small sculptures in 30 days. I posted my Day 6 piece on my Facebook page but forgot to post it here on my blog :

So for this next piece I wanted a fiercer looking shelled creature. I started the armature early in the day.

While the Aves Apoxie Sculpt clay was curing I sculpted the shell out of Super Sculpey firm clay.

 When the Aves clay had cured I sculpted the interior of the mouth in polymer clay and added the pre-baked fangs.

I decided to give this guy a spiked tail club for offense against shelled members of his own kind.

 After the shell was baked I pressed it down onto the soft Aves clay to mark where it would be glued.

                                        The creature at his fangy best!

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