Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shark Sculpture Sale on Etsy

There is still time to visit my Etsy shop and use coupon code SHARKWEEK12 to receive 10% off anything in my shop. There is free shipping on orders over $100.

Speaking of Shark Week two of my sculptures were featured in Shark themed treasuries :

I've been having a blast eyeballing all the sharky eye candy on Etsy this past week! One of my favorites was the Great White shark print seemingly peering  at you through a porthole picture frame.

I got some work done on the lower jaw of my current shark sculpture. While that was curing I marked off the eye locations and drilled out and (temporarily) installed the eyes.

If I don't play hooky and go to the beach tomorrow I may drill the locations for the pectoral/dorsal fins.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shark Sculpture Work In Progress

I wanted to have this shark sculpture finished and listed in my Etsy shop to coincide with the kick off of Shark Week 2012 this Sunday. Unfortunately it's been slow going.

At this stage the work has been all about wet sanding and filling in the low spots. Speaking of Shark Week one of my shark pieces was featured in this shark week themed treasury:
You can use coupon code SHARKWEEK12 at my shop:
 to get 10% off my shark art at checkout.

This weekend I'm hoping to install the eyes - and jaws in this shark. The eyes will give the shark some  'tude'  and the jaws and teeth are always fun to design!