Friday, January 27, 2012

New Kong Sculpt In Progess

Last month I sold my original Kong bust. I took a last photo before shipping Kong off to his new home in CA.

I'm at work now creating a similar, though smaller sized bust.This one will be cast in a mold so the teeth have to be made in two sections.

The top and bottom canine, and front teeth will be cast separately from the molars.

I rigged the jaw halves together with aluminum wire so I could articulate them to approximate how Kong will be chomping down on his native victim.

I'll be updating with work in progress photos as Kong takes shape!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ceramic Dinosaur Sale

I'm listing one of the first dinosaur sculptures I ever created on eBay:

This T Rex was inspired by the "old school" tail dragging dinosaurs of my youth. I do appreciate the modern day Jurassic Park type of dino.

But there is a certain charm to the early art restorations of dinosaurs by the likes of Charles Knight.

And of course as a teen nothing was as inspirational as watching one of Marcel Delgado's stop motion film dinosaurs charge through the jungles of Skull Island!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Good Business Sense

Everyone these days seems to be doing a lot of online shopping. I thought I'd share a story about one online merchant that my wife Diane did business with over the holidays.

I had asked for a particular fishing lure called a Northbar bottle darter, in a certain color for my birthday. My wife ordered it online from The Surfcaster: The Surfcaster - Rods, reels, lures, and equipment for the serious surf and inshore fisherman

Well apparently I have good taste in lures! The Northbar darter has taken some pretty large stripers from the looks of the photos on their website: Blog Northbar Tackle Montauk, NY

The lure/color I wanted was sold out! Doug the owner of The Surfcaster sent my wife the Northbar bottle darter I wanted in Blk/Purple so she would have something to give me on my birthday. He said he would email her when the out of stock lure became available.

Well Doug went a step further than that. He sent the lure I wanted for free and included a hand written note thanking my wife for her patience!

It arrived just in time to make a truly surprise Christmas present for me! Many thanks to Doug for being a gentleman and going the extra yard for his customers.

And while on the subject of lures I found this beauty while walking the tide line the day before Christmas.

One of my winter projects will be stripping this wood lure down and refinishing it for striper season.