Monday, December 3, 2012

Announcing Giveaway Winner!

My apologies for the delay in announcing the winner of the Tombstone sculpture giveaway. The clean up here since Hurricane Sandy has kept me on the go.

I used Rafflecopter to randomly draw the winners name. Congratulations to Betty B. on winning the sculpture! Our Post Office is due to reopen soon due to storm damage. As soon as it does I'll be mailing Betty her sculpture.

Life here since the storm is slowly returning to normal. My wife and I powerwashed the basement walls and floors.

We also sprayed moldicide on the walls and mopped the floors with bleach.

Our totaled cars which have been sitting blocking the garage door have finally been towed away. And the city has sent the claw around to cart away debris too large for regular sanitation pick up.

While it was good to see the remnants of our destroyed possessions finally carted away we could have lived without the "claw" as I nicknamed it breaking our concrete curb and tearing up our sprinkler line!