Thursday, June 24, 2010

And The Winner Is ....

A winner has been drawn for the give away of the limited edition porcelain dog sculpture.

The fairest way I could think of doing it was assigning everyone a number and giving the bottle a shake.

The number of the ball that popped out in my hand first belonged to Debie Lyons.

Congrats Debie! Email me your shipping info and I'll get this off to you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Interview and a Commission

Welcome to the new folks that have begun following my blog. I'm pleased to have you here. Well I am having a pretty good week.

Yesterday Rikki at her blog Custom Zombie's Undead Ramblings posted an interview with me : Custom Zombie's Undead Ramblings: Q&A with BlacknickSculpture .
Thanks Rikki! I posted a picture of my Halloween Zombie just for you ;)

I also received a commission to design a miniature cliff for a filmmaker who is making a stop motion animation film. I picked up some plywood from the lumber yard and will get busy framing it out this weekend.

Then today I was pleased to find that my sculpture was chosen for two separate nautical themed treasuries over at Etsy. My thanks to Jana and Carol for including my work :We're Sinking We're Sinking by snowinjune on Etsy ... Fish 'n' Ships for me by aquabelle on Etsy

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A 100th Post and a Miniature Give Away

I can't believe I've reached 100 posts! Anyone that knows me well knows how much I hate typing.

If it wasn't for the dreaded keyboard I'd probably be a much more prolific blogger. Anyway to celebrate my 100th milestone I'd like to do my first give away. It is of a dog I sculpted.

I had a plaster mold made and cast up a limited edition of 15 of the dogs in Dresden flesh porcelain. This is one of the remaining two dogs I have left.

All one of my followers need do is leave a comment to this post and I'll pick a random winner on June 24th.The dog measures 2 1/4" high. A little history on the dog. I used to add it to miniature work I was doing at the time. One such piece was titled Home For The Holidays.

The little hobo violinist and most everything else was sculpted of royal porcelain clay. Everything in the scene was handmade by me except the cast dog, and the tree -- though I did make the tree ornaments.

I really liked that sculpture but unfortunately I wouldn't have it for long.

We had a family friend who used to do street fairs and trade shows. She was unable to get a booth at a local fair because her merchandise was mass produced. She asked if she could borrow a few of my sculptures to display so she could obtain a booth. I was happy to do it for her. I lent her three pieces. One of them being Home For The Holidays. The Monday after the show I phoned and asked for my work back. She kept putting me off and putting me off. Finally I had enough showed up at her door and she admitted Home For The Holidays was among the missing.

It had disappeared from her storage unit. I guess I should be flattered. The thief had good taste. That was the last time I ever let any of my work out of my sight without something in writing.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I Finished My Swamp Creature Sculpture

I see there are some new folks who are following my blog and I'd like to offer you a warm welcome!

Sometime ago I started a base for a swimming monster I had sculpted. If you missed that post here is the link to it: Blacknick Sculpture: Creating A Base For A Sculpture

This sculpture was inspired by my love for the Universal horror film The Creature From The Black Lagoon. As a kid I was so taken with the Gillman suit! Frankly I think that suit stands up pretty well even by today's special effects standards.If your not familiar with the movie here is a cool website with some photos and a quiz on the Gillman:The Gillman's Movie Trivia

This past week I've been trying to finish up work in progress before I start on something new. Which led me to painting my swamp monster sculpture.

It was pretty straight forward painting. It was done by brush with opaque and translucent acrylics. I used a lot of dry brushing to bring out the scaly skin texture on the beast. Though I did break out the airbrush for tipping the fins and for shading the back of the swamp creature. I hope you like him!