Sunday, March 5, 2017

Creating a Miniature Stop Motion Set

Recently a client commissioned me to create a miniature cavern set for his stop motion project.

He wanted it to be in two sections. I began by constructing a wood frame over which galvanized wire mesh was stapled.

I use a food processor for mixing my paper mache . It's fast and the mix is free of lumps. 

Before applying the mache I clamped down the wood base to prevent warpage. 

Using a brush the mache is applied to the sets framework. 

A plywood strip was cut to mask the lip of the sets base. Chunks of Styrofoam were hot glued on.

Apoxie clay was applied over the Styrofoam.

The finished strip clamped down as it is drying.

  Styrofoam chunks were glued onto the framework to create a rocky look.

   Paper mache being applied over the foam.

Here I'm applying a veneer of Apoxie clay to the set floor. The floor was given a rocky volcanic look by texturing the clay with silicone pads I created for this project.

 When the floor of the set had cured I began applying Apoxie clay to the sides.

  Some stalagmite formations for the floor of the set.

  The completed set before priming and painting.

The set painted with the stalagmites added.

In the future I'll be posting about a somewhat larger set piece I created for this film project.