Saturday, October 3, 2009

Son of Kong Project

Recently I was asked by a client to create a Son of Kong diorama using a Tsukuda vinyl Kong model. He wanted Son of Kong brandishing a log as he did in the film to fend off a bear.

The model had a manacle on the wrist of the raised arm that had to be ground off. After grinding and resculpting the area with Apoxie Sculpt clay I drilled out the hand to accept a wooden dowel.

Next I began building up the log by gluing balsa wood over the dowel.After sealing the wood I added some paper mache to rough out the shape of the log.

I then covered the mache with Apoxie Sculpt and gave it a wood texture. When the clay had cured I sprayed it with grey lacquer primer.

Using acrylics I painted the log and gave it a wash to bring out the detail. The final step was gluing on dried moss to the base of the log.

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