Saturday, October 24, 2009

Painting The Brontosaurus

The eyes and mouth of the brontosaurus were masked off and the sculpture was given a light coat of grey lacquer auto primer. When the primer had thoroughly dried I peeled off the masking and began dry brushing white and light gray acrylic paint over the brontosaur to bring out the scale texture.

When I was satisfied with my light toned hi lites I sprayed the sculpture with Krylon clear matt to protect my work. Next I mixed a grayish green color and dry brushed that over over the entire brontosaur.

After another coat of clear Krylon matt spray it was time to give the brontosaur sculpture a wash of thinned down acrylic paints. The wash would help tie the dry brushing work together and accent the scale texture.

When the wash had dried I top coated the brontosaur with Kylon clear matt followed by a light misting of Testors Dull Cote. This left the sculpture with a slight sheen like the brontosaur was still a bit wet after emerging from the swamp to chase the sailors from the rescue party.

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