Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stop Motion Puppet Latex Skin

After the tinted liquid latex dried I carefully peeled it from the plaster mold. Fresh latex will stick to itself so I rubbed a cotton swab dipped in corn starch over the latex skin as I freed it from the mold.

Next using the size of the mold as a reference I began twisting two strands of aluminum wire together to form the torso and limbs of the natives body. Aluminum wire can be bent many times without breaking so it is often used for animation puppets. Using Apoxie Sculpt clay I built up areas of the body.

Once the clay set I began hot gluing foam rubber over the aluminum wire armature. Using scissors I trimmed the foam where necessary to shape and define it. When I was satisfied with the body shape I painted a thin coat of liquid latex over the foam and the inner surface of the natives skin. Then I carefully tacked the rubber skin into place on the armature. Here is a picture of the armature and latex skins fresh from the mold. Next I'll work on the natives head.

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