Monday, July 13, 2009

King Kong Chewing On A Native

After finishing up detailing the native figure with a grass skirt and necklace it came time to mount him in Kong's mouth. I used a Dremel Tool to slightly enlarge the hole I had made in the figures body. The hole allowed me to slip the body up snugly against Kong's canine teeth. Here is a photo of the finished bust of Kong.


  1. So...wonderful !
    I love your creations..

  2. Thanks Morgan I'm glad you like how Kong turned out.

  3. Thanks for you comment Brian !
    Could you, please, tell me when you're doing some new creations ?

  4. Morgan I am just finishing up some small stop motion puppets for an animator that is making a prequel to King Kong. I also sculpted a dinosaur for the film which I'll be blogging about shortly. Thanks for your interest.