Saturday, July 4, 2009

Casting Teeth For Kong

For Kong's teeth I sculpted Polymer clay over nails. The nails made convenient handles during the sculpting and subsequent mold making. Once I had the teeth finished I brushed on a thin layer of Vaseline as a mold separator.

Next I coated the teeth with an application of 100% pure silicone caulk. Providing your model isn't highly detailed silicone caulk can make a satisfactory mold of it. After the silicone fully cured I used an exacto knife to slice one side of the mold open to remove the clay tooth.

One of the benefits of using 100% silicone is it won't require using a release agent. I assembled all the teeth molds in plastic caps to prevent them from rolling around. I also planned on casting a piece for an unrelated project at the same time. After I had my molds set up I filled them with Polytranspar Liquid Cast. Here are a couple pictures of the clay teeth and the teeth molds being cast. Next post Kong will get his new choppers installed.

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