Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Tongue for the Styracosaurus

In his film Kessler wanted the downed Styracosaur to have its tongue ripped out by attacking raptors. This would require a flexible tongue, jaw and neck area.

I began by sculpting the tongue out of Super Sculpey polymer clay. Next I made a two piece Plaster of Paris mold of the tongue. Several days later when the plaster had dried I was ready to cast the flexible tongue.

I chose latex from the Monster Makers . They carry a high quality latex used for mask making. I mixed a small amount of latex with acrylic paint till I had a suitable fleshy tone. I brushed two light coats of this latex/paint mixture inside my mold. When it dried I clamped my mold halves together and carefully inserted a braided section of aluminum wire down the center. I then filled the rest of the mold with pure untinted latex. When the latex dried a few days later I had my flexible tongue.

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