Monday, August 10, 2009

Skull Island Gate Update

After my one piece latex mold had cured I needed to make a mother mold. A mother mold is an outer rigid shell that prevents distortion of the flexible latex mold. In this case I used Apoxie Sculpt clay to make my two piece mother mold.

I brushed Vaseline over my latex mold and the tile it was mounted on. Then I pressed the Apoxie clay over one side of the mold. When the clay had cured I brushed Vaseline over the edge of the mother mold and mixed up another batch of Apoxie clay. I covered the second half of the latex mold and firmly pressed the Apoxie clay in place. The next day I popped the mother mold open.

I turned the latex mold inside out and cleaned out any debris. Then I sprayed mold release over the inside surface. I set the latex mold inside my mother mold and clamped the two halves together. Slowly I poured in my casting material. After pouring the mold a second time I had identical castings of the catches that the bolt of the gate would slide through. This photo shows how the finished catches looked mounted on the gate.

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