Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Work In Progress Update

Before I could lay down the ground cover atop the base I tacked down a piece of wire screening with hot glue.

The screening would give the material I was using a secure foothold. Using a spatula and damp brush I then applied the pebbly ground cover.

To prevent the base from warping I clamped it tightly while it dried.

After it dried I bolted the foot of the Kong armature to the base and positioned it in the pose I wanted.

After adding Super Sculpey clay to the legs and torso I carefully removed the armature and baked the polymer clay.

Now that the Super Sculpey has hardened I'll have Kong in a fixed position. The next step will be deciding how to pose his arms as he battles the Pteranodon.


  1. My goodness, it is fantastic to see what is underneath the surface. The images you are sharing are very interesting. I have always wondered what others use as the foundations of there work. Thank you so much for sharing Brian. xxx

  2. meant to comment when this went up.

    very interesting setup. i'm especially interested by the wire tacking technique.