Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Couple Of Irons In The Fire

On occasion I'll work on two or three pieces simultaneously. It may seem chaotic to other artists but it works for me.

If I'm sculpting I have to get out my tools and set up my work bench. If I'm airbrushing I have to fire up my compressor, prepare my spray booth and thin and strain my paint.

And of then of course there is the cleaning of the tools and neatening up my studio at the end of the day. For just this reason I find it more productive (and cost effective) to work on multiple artwork at once.The sculptures I have going presently are Kong vs the Pteranodon, a thresher shark and a gillman.

The gillman is about ten years old! It was the first piece I ever made using Super Sculpey.I have always been interested in Cryptozoology and the sightings of unknown, mysterious lake creatures. So it wasn't surprising that my first polymer sculpture would be a cryptid of my own design.

Recently while searching for something in my studio I came upon a box containing the gillman.I thought it would be fun to design a base for it which I did.

Here is a picture of his head. In preparation for airbrushing I've masked off his eyes and mouth and primed him with spray paint.

On his side you can see the holes I drilled that correspond with the bolts at the top of the piece of driftwood on the base. I'll post more photos as work progresses.


  1. COOL!

    can't wait to see how he turns out!

    with bolting him to the base, would you glue the bolts to his inside or is there some technique for actually screwing them into him?

  2. Traumador I'll probably use 5 min. epoxy on the bolt threads and a dab of Apoxie Sculpt spread on the gillman's body where it makes contact with the driftwood.

  3. I want to tell you thank you very much for your kind messages let on my blog.
    I like your work with always a lot of originalities...
    Best regards.

  4. Thank you Martinealison. It is always my pleasure to stop by your blog to see what you are painting and what my little friend the toucan has been up too :)

  5. Hello Brian, finally found my way to your blog and what a treat ! Love the gillman, such amazing detail there . I'm looking forward now to seeing him progress.
    Lovely work,
    julie xxx

  6. Thanks Julie :) I'm hoping to get him painted next week.