Monday, March 29, 2010

Now That is a miniature!

I was painting eyes this weekend for a couple of my creations. Usually I make them myself but I found a pin head that is the perfect size for my Pteranodon sculpt.

After I finished painting the pupils I was less then pleased with the results. I washed the pupils off and put them aside to finish at a later time.

In the interim a friend sent me this Youtube link about Willard Wigan:

Here I am having to redo my eye painting attempt on a pin head. Willard Wigan's sculptures can sit atop a pin head! His work is absolutely unbelievable! I'd love to see the tools and brushes he uses as he creates his sculptures.

1 comment:

  1. that is an amazing video (and more to the point artist)!!!

    i love your use of the coin for scale. one of my palaeontology associates has become obessed with scale markers in photos, and how varied they are. the best example he showed me as a geologist in WW2 who used a machine as a scale bar in describing a new geologic layer!