Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kong Armature Update

I thought I'd share a few work in progress photos of what I've been up to. Well I've begun wrapping the Kong armature in foil preparatory to beginning sculpting today.

I also designed the mountain top cliff where Kong will battle the Pteranodon.

The base is comprised of two sheets of thin plywood sandwiched together between hunks of styrofoam.I glued a piece of thicker wood in the center of the base to add strength.

The block of wood a top the base will be where Kong rests his foot during the battle. The block is drilled to accept a bolt which gets secured in the bottom of Kong's foot.

Once the armature is secured to the base I can go about posing it in various positions till I hit on one I like. In this photo I used a rasp to shape the styrofoam into the basic shape of the rocky cliff top.

I added a thin veneer of Aves Apoxie Sculpt clay to the styrofoam to cut down on the styrofoam dust once I begin the final sculpting. I also primed the top of the base white to seal the wood before I add the stone surface to it. I'll post more photos as things progress.


  1. Its amazing to see all the work and thought that goes into one of your creations. Just the base... You need to completely think ahead. Unlike painting where you can begin with a thought or emotion towards something and let the paint take you on a journey, it seems to me that you need to clearly see the final project and then work backwards.

    Is that true?

  2. Yes that's true. Your assessment is spot on Susan. My neighbor who is a painter chided me for my approach saying that I work too "tight" but hey it works for me ;)

  3. It's very interesting to see what is on the inside of someones creations. Some people tell me to use alfoil and others styrafoam and then someone else said styrafoam is toxic and so on.

    Thank you so much Brian for sharing your

  4. Tinypearl to be on the safe side I have a separate toaster oven just for baking polymer clay. Also when I'm baking I open all the windows to ventilate my studio. I'm looking into getting a heat gun to bake the clay outdoors in the future.