Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finally .... The Sun Has Returned!

With the constant rain and sustained wind gusts of over 50 mph this weekend we have been having some horrible weather here on Long Island. Some of the gusts reached close to 80 mph and a couple of times I thought for sure we were going to lose part of our roof. Monday after the worst of the storm had passed I walked to the beach. The sea was still churned up and the weather station was calling for more flooding with the high tide.

The sea had reached the main road that runs parallel to the beach in a few areas. Luckily it only rose as high as under the boardwalk in most places.

Amongst all the debris washed up I found this beauty of shell completely unbroken! How it came through that storm intact I'll never know.

With the return of the sun on Tuesday I had a chance to explore more of the beachfront east of where I live. We lost quite a lot of sand to the storm. Areas of old wooden jetty were exposed that hadn't been visible before.

Later in the day I continued work on the base I had started last week as well as my small Kong figure.

The base got sprayed with a white lacquer primer. Now I'll be able to begin the final painting on it.

The Styrofoam I had glued to the wire Kong armature was carved with a knife and then shaped with a rasp to roughly the size I wanted it. The next step will be bulking out more of the form with aluminum foil.


  1. Its so interesting to watch your process. I haven't a clue how to go about sculpture, so your posts are very interesting to me.

    Glad to see you weren't swallowed by the storm!

    Your seagull picture is lovely. I keep wanting to paint from your photos!

  2. Thank you Susan. I'm pleased you liked the photos :)

  3. I love the photo with the waves and this with siegels too. Today with the spring in my country you can find magpies. Grrrrrrrr they come to eat what i give to the little birds!
    Best regards.

  4. Martine I had to look for a picture of a magpie on the Internet. I don't think I've ever seen one around here.

    Some people here don't care for the seagulls. But I like them and don't think the beach would be quite the same without them.