Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Can't Get Here Soon Enough

I like to visit the beach after a storm because of the interesting things I often find washed up. In particular I am often searching for driftwood to incorporate into my work.

Unfortunately the best days for collecting aren't always the most pleasant for hiking. The bitter weather keeps many folks away from the beach. It's not uncommon to pass a blustery afternoon without seeing a soul.

Mother Nature provided me with several great pieces of wood especially a stump of driftwood that will be perfect for an owl sculpture I have planned.

When I got home I placed the wood in my kiln to begin drying it and began this little armature.

It is going to be a small King Kong battling a Pteradon. This weekend I'll finish carving the wooden skull and seal it. Then I can begin bulking out the form.


  1. Your snowy photo would make such a striking painting! Glad you found some cool driftwood. Some of it can be heavy to haul out... I know from experience.

  2. Hi
    I like your photo. It's like a cake tray! with some "cannel├ęs"...

    Once i saw at the TV someone like you. When he went to the beach he took wood to sculptor.
    I like your work.
    Thank your for your message let on my blog.
    Congratulations to help your wife!

  3. Yes Susan some of the bigger pieces of driftwood are a problem. Those I go back for with the car.

    Martine I hadn't thought of the snow covered rocks looking like canneles but you are right. To me the big rock looks like a melting candle.