Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow, snow and more snow

No sooner had the recent rains washed away the last traces of snow around our neck of the woods then Mother Nature decided we needed a fresh covering of the white stuff.

I get antsy couped up inside so I decided I'd head out to the store to buy some fixings for making a pot of clam chowder. Surprisingly my wife decided to come along. Usually she likes to weather the storm indoors in her pajamas.

We walked along the beach so I could check out the higher than usual surf the weather bureau predicted we'd have.The dunes looked gorgeous in the dusting of snow.

As we were leaving the beach we had to cross a mid thigh deep drift of snow. I told my wife to follow me and walk in my boot tracks. She pooh poohed that idea and insisted on taking the lead. A few steps later she was mired down in the snow and promptly fell over! I hauled her out stifling a laugh and two steps later got bogged down myself. Luckily the beach was empty and no one saw our predicament.

When we got back home with the groceries we decided to make a snowman. It was fun but he didn't come out very well. I think I'll stick to working in clay!

The chowder I made came out pretty good. Usually I follow a recipe I have from a pamphlet titled: "Old Fishing Village Recipes". It is good but the salt pork and heavy cream can't be good for the old arteries. I found this recipe and doctored it up to suit my taste buds: Clam Chowder, New England Style - Recipe File - Cooking For Engineers I prefer using Yukon Gold potatoes and I substituted Fat Free Half n Half for the milk. I don't have a set amount of flour I use. I make a roux and add a bit at a time as I'm stirring the chowder till it is as thick as I like it. After lunch I headed to work in my studio. What do you folks do to pass a snowy day?


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful way to enjoy the snow! Yes, I'll have a bowl of chowder please...

    We're just getting the white stuff now. We've been lucky in Maine and surprisingly we've only received rain to this point. Its a nasty storm. The snowy sand dunes are lovely. With sun on that photo, wouldn't it be a lovely painting??? All the wooden slats would leave shadows...

    I'm always dreaming, aren't I?

  2. Funny you mention the sun Susan. It came out when we got home. I thought of heading back with my camera but didn't feel like pulling on my boots again. One of these days I'll get all my ducks in a row ;)