Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Nasty Little Guy

This weekend I sculpted this little guy with a bad attitude named Damek. He is 6" tall and sculpted out of polymer clay and Apoxie clay.

He is a real stinker and likes nothing better than stalking the forest with his hawk terrorizing the small game and gnomes.


  1. "Wow Brian", he his great, I love his Top, cane, well, I love all of him. Wonderful job as always. xxx

  2. Quel beau travail, quelle précision. Il ne le mérite pas si c'est un "salaud" ! Mais des comme ça il y en a tant dans ce monde !...
    J'adore le faucon qui l'accompagne.
    Amicalement bonne journée

  3. Oh wow Brian, he does look like trouble LOL but he made me smile, love all the detail you have put into him,
    julie xx

  4. Brian hes wonderful....such a wicked grin :O)

  5. Brian he's fantastic! I'm so fascinated by the detail you incorporate into your lovely sculptures. Love the profile!

    I wonder if he's wondering about in my woods? I think I'd invite him in for a nice bowl of homemade soup. He just looks like he needs a friend...

  6. Yikes! I'm going to have a nightmare about this guy now!

  7. He looks like he could create quite the havoc! Wonderful piece!!

  8. Totally love him! Wish i could achieve work so great in such a short space of time.
    Nikki xxx