Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I'd like to take a sec to wish all the artistic moms that visit here a Happy Mother's Day. I hope you enjoy the day doing whatever it is you love most!

This past week I took some time away from my sculpting projects to make my mom a present.

She had wanted a revolving composter and I had drew a rough plan up but there was no way I had enough time to get it done.

So my next thought was why not make her something for her garden? She loves Roy Orbison's music so I wanted to create something in a musical theme. I decided on a garden stepping stone.

So I made a pair of Roy's trademark Wayfarer sunglasses, a guitar and musical notes from polymer clay. After baking them I painted them flat black and rubbed them down to give them faux pewter hi lites.

Then I filled a stepping stone mold with cement and set my polymer clay pieces into it. I was happy with the result and it was fun being creative outside of the usual materials I work with.

Now I just have to steer my mother to my blog so she can find this link to her favorite song: YouTube - Roy Orbison - In Dreams (Black & White Night) If you've never seen the concert "Roy Orbison and Friends a Black & White Night" it is well worth a look!


  1. ah that's nice.

    my mom is really into quilting these days, and rather than try to make her a quilt (i can sew very simple things, but quilting is way out of my league) I bought her a book on how to do photo art quilts.

    so here's to creatively targeted mama's day presents!

  2. Bonne fête à votre maman... En France nous la fêtons le 30 mai.
    Belle réalisation. Je pense que votre mère sera heureuse de votre délicate attention.
    Best regards.

  3. What a clever idea!!! I think it is great to give mothers something that is more personal and fits their personality...this is sooo great!!