Wednesday, April 28, 2010

King Kong Sculpture Finally Finished!

I'm pleased to have finally completed this sculpture! To give you an idea of the size the finished piece measures 8 1/2" W X 9" L X 10 1/4" H . I had wanted to finish this sculpture on April 15th to correspond with my shaving my head as a fund raiser for the St.Baldrick's Foundation for childhood cancer research.

Unfortunately I underestimated the time needed to finish it on schedule. But on a positive note so far I've raised $ 240.00 by shaving my head and now I plan on auctioning off this King Kong sculpture with 100% of the proceeds going to St.Baldrick's.

If you click on a picture it will open to a larger image.


  1. that is pretty sweet!!!

    i also love how your donating the proceeds to cancer research.

    we're thinking about doing a "pink dinosaur" gallery on ART Evolved for breast cancer research.

  2. Hi Brian,
    I'm happy to look at your King Kong scupture. I like the work you made and the lot of patience to create it.
    Thank you to put so much photos...
    I wish with this donating the cancer will be afraid of King Kong's strenght.
    Thank you for your kind words let on my blog.
    See you sooner. Best regards.

  3. Thanks Martine I'm glad you like how the sculpture turned out :)

  4. Wow Brian, it looks just wonderful! You've been working on this piece for such a long time. Donating all the proceeds to charity is such a kind and generous thing to do. You are a very good soul...

    Have you been touched by cancer?

    Thanks Brian for all the kind and wonderful comments you leave on my blog. Its always a welcomed sight to find you've visited and left a little message.

  5. Thank you Susan that is kind of you to say :) And yes, unfortunately my family has been touched by cancer.

  6. That came out great!!! I hope you raise a lot of money for this great cause. And you did great raising money for the head shaving! I do so admire that ... but might admire it even more if you were a woman! : )

  7. Fab work Brian,I love the expression on kongs face ! Really hope it raises a good sum for your charity. Hope you feeling nice and cool with your shaved head ! all for a good cause and what a great way to raise money :0)
    julie xxx

  8. Yes Jenners I think it is admirable when a woman gets involved in charity head shaves. If your interested I'll pencil you in for next year ;)

    I'm glad you like how Kong turned out Julie. And yes the shaved head is cool - a little too cool! I wish we'd get warmer weather already :)