Monday, June 3, 2013

Kong Bust Completed

I thought I'd share a few of the wip photos of creating the cart that the Kong bust will be mounted on.

 Here I'm scoring the Apoxie clay to look like rough hewn lumber

I visited quite a few hobby shops but couldn't find proper size wheels for my cart. I ended up sculpting a wheel, made a mold and casted the set I'd use. 

                                                           The finished cart curing .

                                          Dry brushing the grain of the cart to look like wood.

                                          Aluminum mounting pegs for the Kong bust being fitted to the cart.

                                                               The finished cart.

                                        B&W photo of the sculpture mounted on the cart base.

                                                          Kong chomping on a native.

Now that Kong is finished I'm going to be redesigning my spider pit stop motion puppets. First up is my tentacle creature.

Here I'm beginning to strip off its latex skin as the spider & crab puppet square off in the background.


  1. I like it, it's like the movie set version of Kong...really cool!

  2. That is just flat out awesome!