Sunday, May 26, 2013

King Kong Sculpture

I completed this original Kong bust over a year ago. But with getting my studio renovated after hurricane Sandy I haven't had an opportunity to paint Kong till recently. I also wanted to design an appropriate base for the King!

I had a lot of fun posing Kong amidst some foliage for a few B&W shots. I apologize for the low resolution shots but I've had some of my images used without my permission.

There's nothing like nibbling on a Skull Island native to chill Kong out!

In the near future I'll be posting photos of the finished bust mounted on it's new base.


  1. Brian, he is MAGNIFICENT! The B&W photos are perfect for Kong. Seems like y'all are getting back to normal. I hope that's true.

  2. I'm sorry to hear bout your pics being used. It seems inevitable with the internet our art is used without consent. Best to be prepaired, like the watermark you've added. I should do too i guess... On the other hand, this printerest thing thats going on, luckily refers to the original posting/site where the pictures derives from.

    That being sad; Mr Kong GREAT! In every sense of the word :)