Monday, February 20, 2012

Things Are Getting Hairy

Each year my family and friends have been supporting my efforts to raise money for the St.Baldrick's Foundation to help fund childhood cancer research by shaving my head. The first year I was involved I had a lot of hair! So before I shaved my head I had it cut so I could donate it to Locks of Love.

The salon I went to provides free haircuts to anyone that donates their hair to Locks of Love. After the gal cut off my ponytail she kept fussing over my hair and I told her it doesn't matter because its getting shaved off tomorrow!

But she wouldn't hear of it! She insisted that I have a good haircut for one last day! It must be a woman/hair thing.

Which brings to mind one St.Patty's day when my wife Diane tried her hand at creating a mohawk before the final shaving.

Now I have photos of the whole haircutting episode but she forbids me from posting them because in the pictures her hair is messy and she is in her pajamas!

This year if I can raise $250.00 dollars by March 17th I'll be getting a curly perm! I'm imagining it will look something like Will Ferrel if he stuck his finger in a wall outlet.

And if I can raise $1500. by July 10th I'll dye my hair the color chosen by the person that makes the largest donation before shaving it off. So please consider supporting my fundraising efforts by donating:

Each year I also auction some of my artwork with a percentage going to benefit St.Baldrick's. Right now I have one of my dinosaur sculptures up for auction: Stegosaurus Dinosaur Sculpture eBay


  1. Curly perm!?! OMG! You'll need some disco music to go with that! LOL

    I donated a wee bit. My daughter also donated her hair to Locks of Love before she began chemo. It's such a great thing to do!

  2. Thanks Static White & Creepy Creations!

  3. that is such a loving thing to do!
    one word about your work- FANTASTIC!