Sunday, February 5, 2012

Long Beach Polar Bears and WIP Photos

I've been working on sculpting the native Kong will be chomping. I have the legs and grass skirt just about done. The torso will have a hole to allow the body to be positioned over one of the canine fangs.

Once I have the size and position of the native locked down I can attach Kong's jaw halves together and begin sculpting Kong.

Since it was such a beautiful day I took a break from sculpting to take a walk on the beach with my wife Diane.

Today was the annual Long Beach Polar Bear swim. I wanted to see my friend's son Marc take his first February dip but couldn't find him in the mob.

Between the jostling and people walking right smack in front of you it was hard to catch much of the action. We got out of there pretty quick.

When I heard from my friends later they said two women were so drunk that they needed assistance to get out of the water.

When the lifeguards got them to shore one of the women started hitting them. And eventually she had a wardrobe malfunction and lost her bikini.

It is getting wilder and wilder down there each year!

On the way home Diane stopped to take a picture of "Peg" a seagull we know with a bum leg. Peg usually follows us around hoping for a handout.


  1. I was happy to read that 'Peg' is still around and seeking hand-outs!

  2. Oh Peg is doing just fine. It's funny how many people have taken to asking after her ;).

  3. I see the jaws are coming along nicely!

    Lawd these people are brave going out in that water with it being as cold as it is! I had a good giggle about the drunk women!