Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bad Santa

I thought I'd share a few work in progress photos of this nasty little fellow I just listed on Etsy: Clubba The Bad Santa by BlacknickSculpture on Etsy

If you missed my earlier blog post this is the armature I made for the sculpture.

I like to wrap the armature with floral wire to help the clay stay in place.Once the armature was completed I began adding Apoxie sculpt clay.

Here the final pose is taking shape. The legs are done but I can still reposition the arms and head if I choose.

Adding some detail to the face with a needle tool.

Adding the bat to the figure and sculpting the sleeve.

The finished sculpture and base outside being primed.

Beginning painting the face.

Giving the figure a wash to accent the details.

Putting the finishing touches to the gift box my bad Santa will be holding. I named this guy Clubba because, well, what do you name a character holding a Louisville slugger?