Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whale Washes Up Off Atlantic Beach NY

I was working on this fellow this morning.

It is one of the creatures that inhabits the spider pit diorama I'm creating.

I had just got the eyes installed when a friend called to tell me a whale had washed ashore in the next town.

I grabbed my camera and decided to take a walk along the shoreline. Atlantic Beach is a private beach but I figured they wouldn't mind.

When I got about a 1/4 block away I could smell the carcass.

The biologist at the scene said it is a Finback whale. It is estimated it is between 35 - 40 feet long. I guess they have to haul it out to sea and let nature take its course.


  1. Cela doit être impressionnant un tel spectacle... j'ose espérer que sa mort fut naturelle...
    En ce qui concerne votre sculpture en cours, son évolution à l'air de bien se passer... montrez-nous vite la suite!
    gros bisous.

  2. It's always sad and worrisome when whales or the like wash up dead. We have many such events down here.

    On a different note, I'm enjoying your "Pit" work in progress!