Friday, May 20, 2011

Spider Pit Ravine WIP Photos

I've been chipping away at getting my spider pit ravine finished but it has been slow going. The weather has been constantly rainy, humid and foggy for the last week.

Because of this the rock work I am doing on the ravine walls is taking forever to dry! The picture below is the wood and hardware cloth frame covered with mache and wood putty. I've just added a section of styrofoam board to build up the rock face.

This is the styrofoam rock face before I added my mache/wood putty mixture.

This is the rock face about 75% finished. I just have to refine the cave entrance a bit.

Here is the pit lizard stop motion puppet sitting on one of the finished boulders waiting for its final coat of paint.

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  1. Quand on aime, la patience fait partie de la récompense, n'est-ce pas?... Je ressens toujours beaucoup d'émotion en admirant vos oeuvres... J'ai hâte de voir le tout dans son ensemble... Chut! patience...