Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sea Serpent Sculpture Sold!

I had two pleasant surprises yesterday. The first was the sale of a piece of my horror themed art.

It was the sea serpent sculpture that was inspired by the brontosaurus upsetting the raft full of sailors in King Kong (1933).

The second surprise came after I had fed the seagulls. Each morning the gull we nicknamed Wally shows up on the beach near our home.

My wife and I started to feed Wally when we noticed he was hobbled by fishing line ensnaring his legs.

Eventually he somehow freed himself but now each morning when I check out the surf conditions for fishing Wally expects his free lunch.

Yesterday was the end of the striped bass fishing season. Each year I make a point of fishing the last day. Well the freezing temperature combined with the gusty northwest wind put any idea of fishing out of my mind.

I thought since I'm here I may as well tough it out and walk a few beaches. After three blocks my eyes were tearing badly from the constant wind. I turned my back to the wind to get a moment of relief. As I turned to continue on this lure washed up literally at my feet!

The weird thing is I wanted this lure but I had put off buying it till after the holidays.


  1. That is a gorgeous piece! Someone is going to be very happy this Christmas.

    A gift from the sea Gods for being so nice to Wally, perhaps?

  2. yes, Santa knows everything; Wally told me what a good boy you've been and since I'm going to be rather busy in about a week, I decided you should get your present early....
    ho ho ho

  3. Wow!!! What a great day! Congrats on your sale, and you really did get a gift from the sea! Maybe Wally stole it for you!

  4. A little late...but congratulations on the Sale and the 'Find'...hope you had a wonderful Christmas!