Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eric Kessler's King Kong Project

The last week in October Eric Kessler visited us on Long Island to pick up a project I had completed for him. It was a set I created for a stop motion film he is at work on.

Kess is an avid fan of the 1933 version of King Kong. In that classic film special effects creator Willis O'Brien brought Kong and the other creatures of Skull Island to life using stop motion animation.

Utilizing elaborate miniature sets and the most gorgeous Kong puppet I've ever seen Kess has set about to create his vision of the Kong story. In this clip on Youtube you can get an idea how labor intensive this process is : YouTube - Kong Spino & T

Here is Kess loading the last piece of the cavern set into his Jeep.

I took some B&W photos of the cavern to see how it would look.

And here are some color photos of the completed cavern.

For a Kong fan like myself it was a privilege creating this for Kess. I mean think of it -- Kong is going to be strutting his stuff through something I made! How cool is that? The icing on the cake was Kess was kind enough to give me a sneak peek of some footage he had recently completed!


  1. Looks amazing. Can't wait to see Kess's latest animation.

  2. J'aime les gens passionnés... vous en faites partie.

  3. I think you'll be impressed with the new footage Darrow!

  4. You did an awesome job on this Brian. Well done!

  5. looking very nice indeed! That cavern will do a Kong scene justice. Great work (as usual) Brian!

  6. Thanks LuLu :)

    Thanks Shran. Always nice to get positive feedback from a true Kong fan such as yourself!

  7. This is really neat to see how it will be used ... I'm sure this is one of your more fun and gratifying projects. Well done!

  8. interesting...looks like great fun!!

  9. It is fun CMZ but sometimes I wish it wasn't so time consuming.