Thursday, November 18, 2010

Horror of horrors!

I ran out of Apoxie clay in the middle of a horror figure I'm sculpting. A sculptor without clay is a sad sight. A sculptor that fishes without clay and who is unable to fish is an even sadder sight. I'm watching out for the UPS man today and hoping my clay order arrives!

The ocean has been kicking up something awful the last week. This photo gives you an idea of the size of the wave compared to the surfer. Also notice the surge of water pushing back seaward in the left of the picture. It is colliding with the incoming water and erupting straight up.

There was also water flooding over the rock jetty to my left adding to the washing machine action of the water. I scratched fishing for another day and decided to snap some pictures of my feathered friend Wally.

He ( or she ) is a black backed seagull. My wife named him Wally after we came across him one afternoon with his legs tangled in braided fishing line. He could just barely stand.

She took to feeding him daily which was hard because even small seagulls were able to dominate him and steal his food. As I came to know him I realized besides being ensnared he was also blind in one eye.

Some how over the weeks the line came free. Then Wally went through his limping phase for about a week till he regained full use of his legs.

Now he is a living terror!

Blackback seagulls are aggressive by nature but Wally has raised it to an art form.

He savages any seagull that even comes near him on the beach. And forget it if he sees one of his own species! Sometimes he'll chase them 1/4 mile down the beach before circling back.

I'm thinking someone threw something at Wally to blind his eye. The reason I say that is if he sees you holding anything large he wigs out.

The picture of him lifting off is right after he spied the camera. Otherwise he is fairly trusting of me. Even walking alongside me when I go to the waters edge to check on conditions.


  1. I am so glad he had you and your wife to watch over him!

    I hope your clay comes today. I am patiently waiting for my UPS man to bring me some more solder!


  2. Hope your clay gets there soon! The ocean when it's wild is so gorgeous. Not to be in but watching it!

    Way to go, Wally! He came back with a vengence!

  3. Thanks LuLu and Nitebyrd. If it doesn't come by 4 - 5 pm I guess it will be here tomorrow.

  4. C'est une belle histoire et c'est merveilleux ce que vous et votre femme avez fait pour ce malheureux petit être fragilisé...
    La toute première photo est impressionnante et magnifique à la fois.

  5. Hoping your back to Sculpting by now Brian.