Monday, November 1, 2010

A Few Halloween Photos

We didn't see many trick or treaters at all on Halloween. We have so much candy left over!

Some kids would look at our house and just keep on walking.

My wife doesn't understand it. She says when she was a kid she would have headed straight for a house decorated like ours.

I think all together we had 22 kids come by. By the way she doesn't wear the mask to hand out candy if the kids are too young.

That's me in my surgeons gown and rubber apron.

I only answer the door if it is teenage kids. Three older girls got a kick out of my costume. The rest of the kids were too little for the full treatment.


  1. Trop bon ! Votre femme a-t-elle pu résister longtemps à votre charme !!!
    Je ne sais pas comment j'aurais réagi à la place des enfants ? Il est vrai que nos jours et à cause de la tv les enfants n'ont plus ma crédulité !
    merci pour vos gentils commentaires...
    Bisous (mais sous le masque!!!)

  2. Brain when are you putting up pics with the mask on? (LOL)

    Seriously though I think kids are generally going to more pre arranged parties now.

    Lorra Luffies
    Debie xxx

  3. LOL brian,I would have loved knocking at your door when I was a young teen, fab costumes !
    We only had 1 trick or treater this year, I couldnt believe it, I was forced to eat a whole bag of halloween chocolate......!
    julie xxx

  4. LOL Gosh these masks are just so scary and realistic looking I think you'd both frighten me off! lol

    Michelle :o))

  5. Yes were stuck with a lot of chocolate too! By weeks end I'll be punching extra holes in my belt LOL

  6. Brian, I would have been one of those kids that knocked on your door, changed costumes and come back again to see your costume!

    We have lots of candy left over too....I ate WAAAAAAAAY too much!


  7. Great costumes Brian. We don't get any Trick Or Treater's where we are. Its too Dark and too out of the way. Mind you spent all the evening in Hospital..! xxx