Saturday, October 30, 2010

Priming Up For Halloween!

BOO! Another Halloween is almost upon us. My wife is out decorating our front yard. Though we won't put our good scary stuff out till tomorrow. And I've been busy putting the finishing touches on my mask. It started out as an ordinary mask from CVS that I've customized to fit my face.

I cut the entire face off the mask leaving the original ears and wig portion. After donning the mask I built up the rest of the face right atop my own skin using liquid latex and bread crumbs.

Using the same technique I created a pair of monster hand gloves. You can see the work in progress pictures on a blog post I wrote here: The Etsy Dark Side Team blog has some great Countdown to Halloween articles from our members. Such as cool Zombie make up tips and how to make realistic looking burns and scars to name a few.
I wanted to add a throat section and a bloody wound to my mask so I brushed out a mixture of green tinted latex and breadcrumbs onto a tile. After it dried I peeled it off and glued it to the underside of jaw area.

Here is how the finished mask came out with the neck section added and the bloody wound.

If you love celebrating Halloween be sure to pop over and check out Kat the hat lady's Haunted House Online Party!


  1. This is one truly scary mask! So glad I haven't got to see it in real life...I'd run a mile! lol Fabulous work!

    Michelle :o)

  2. This is the coolest mask I have ever seen! Great work Brian!


  3. OMG you are going to terrify someone tonight Brian LOL
    wonderful though, just glad I wont be bumping into you !!!
    julie xxx

  4. Great masks!! I haven't had trick or treaters in a couple of years...except for the does save some dollars in what I used to spend on I guess it's all good.