Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Candy Corn Killer

My thanks and a warm welcome to the new folks following my blog. Also a reminder that there is still time to take part in the magnet giveaway.

This past week I haven't done much sculpting. The fall fishing season is beginning to perk up here in the Northeast and I've been on the beach almost daily hunting for signs of life.

From now till the striped bass season closes I find myself fishing the outgoing high tide and sculpting during the low tide.

I did finish up work on the Candy Corn Killer Friday morning. He is a mean little cuss that lures his victims in by using an offering of candy. CCK ( as I call him ) is in a cool treasury rubbing elbows with other killer art : Psycho Killers by VintageEye on Etsy .

While browsing through VintageEye's interesting shop I came across the same type of clock I use in my studio. Another cool find was an 8mm movie camera very similar to the one I used to use to film my stop motion plastilene monsters! If you have an opportunity stop over and have a look around her fun shop.


  1. ¡Buena pesca! No dejes de entrar para enseñar lo que has hecho.
    Muy malo, te engaña con el caramelo y tiene el hacha ya llena de sangre.
    Me encanta su ropa.
    Besos Clara

  2. HE is just the sweetest maniacal killer I have ever seen! I love him! Thanks so much for the mention!

  3. Hi Brian,
    Merci pour gentil message laissé sur mon blog...
    Je ne connaissais pas de telle statuette !
    Une tueuse de maïs ?! Est-ce une protectrice pour la production de maïs ?

  4. He is just so charmingly wicked, I ♥ him very much!

  5. Brian, this is awesome! I love him!


  6. What a cool CCK...I'll have to check his presence in the 'Psycho Killers' Treasury!! This little guy, no doubt, fits right in:)