Friday, June 4, 2010

I Finished My Swamp Creature Sculpture

I see there are some new folks who are following my blog and I'd like to offer you a warm welcome!

Sometime ago I started a base for a swimming monster I had sculpted. If you missed that post here is the link to it: Blacknick Sculpture: Creating A Base For A Sculpture

This sculpture was inspired by my love for the Universal horror film The Creature From The Black Lagoon. As a kid I was so taken with the Gillman suit! Frankly I think that suit stands up pretty well even by today's special effects standards.If your not familiar with the movie here is a cool website with some photos and a quiz on the Gillman:The Gillman's Movie Trivia

This past week I've been trying to finish up work in progress before I start on something new. Which led me to painting my swamp monster sculpture.

It was pretty straight forward painting. It was done by brush with opaque and translucent acrylics. I used a lot of dry brushing to bring out the scaly skin texture on the beast. Though I did break out the airbrush for tipping the fins and for shading the back of the swamp creature. I hope you like him!


  1. Brian you have just brought back fond memories of my childhood......i was always allowed to stay up and watch the friday night creature feature....king kong...hammer horror....oh those where the days...nights???
    Its wonderful!

  2. Julie your a kid after my own heart! I remember pestering my parents to let me watch Chiller Theatre back when Zacherley was the host.

    By the time Creature Feature hit the airwaves I was hooked on horror films. And your so right .. those were the days!

  3. "Oh Wow Brian" Fabulous job. He look fantastic. And I agree, flash-backs, to a safer and happier time. Curled up next to dad, him laughing at my screams. hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for the memories and for sharing your incredable work with us all. xxx

  4. are just so GOOD!! I LOVE your sculptures. Your pieces just take me back to childhood...and it is so cool seeing little versions of these wonderful characters!!

  5. Thank you all :) I'm pleased you like how it came out.

  6. Hi Brian. Today finally i have found time to visit everyones blogs. I've left comments a few posts back too.
    Love your work and this sculpture is equally as amazing as all the others. I'm going to come back tonight when i have more time for a nose through your entire blog.
    Much love, Nikki xxx

  7. Hi Nikki. Thanks for your kind words :)

  8. Oh my goodness this is *Wonderful!!! Well done Brian!!!!
    Thank you for yoru visit!!!