Monday, January 7, 2013

Starting Over

Things are slowly returning to normal here in Long Beach after the hurricane. I refuse to call THAT storm "Super Storm Sandy". Leave it to the news services to come up with that moniker!

Monstrously powerful? Horribly destructive? Maybe. But Super? Trust me there was nothing "Super" about that storm or its aftermath!

My wife and I decided to not buy gifts for each other this Christmas. Funds are tight and we still need to buy a car. But Christmas morning my wife handed me a package.  

Her next gift was designating the kitchen table for my new workspace. I guess she got tired of seeing me mope around without sculpting.

  It will be good to get some clay in my hands again!

  Besides sculpting part of my day always involves visiting the shoreline. But it doesn't matter where you walk. There is no place that wasn't impacted by the hurricane.


In the center of town is Mount Sandy. The name people have given to the 4 story high collection of sand washed through out the town the night of the storm.  

The sand has to be carted to an area to be sifted of debris.  

The storm sand is a darker color due to the combination of bay mud, sewage and God knows what else. After sifting the beach maintenance workers collect it in dump trucks and deposit it along the eroded areas of the beach.   Next up is demolishing the remnants of our storm damaged boardwalk!


  1. It still baffles me how nature can be so comforting and docile at times and so raging at others. Glad to hear you're hanging in there. Hope you can get lost in your clay...

  2. Glad things are returning to normal!

    Got love wives for those moments of letting us boys go out and play so to speak. Let's face it they're the wise ones. We just pretend to be grown up and responsible ;)