Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Skeleton Zombie Cowboy

I haven't had much opportunity to update my blog lately. In between sculpting some new walking dead cowboy pieces I've started cleaning out my studio.
Here is one of my latest walking dead cowboys. I named him Sinister Slim. There are a few other photos of him posted at my Etsy shop:
Getting back to the studio cleanup. I'm sure I'm not alone among my artist friends when it comes to hanging onto "treasures"! You know what I mean. That special something that would be just perfect for some project that you have planned in the future. Well I bit the bullet and started giving stuff I haven't used the heave ho. My goal is to have one of my work tables set up for just photographing new artwork!


  1. I love it! It reminds me of Mexican muertos. We have one made from paper mache. A Mexican restaurant here in Maine hosts Mexican artisans. They set up an area in a corner of the restaurant so the artist can create their crafts and sell it directly to the customers. It's a pretty good program.

  2. Thanks Susan! Sounds like a fun restaurant - a win win for both patrons and artists.

  3. Un très joli cowboy !!!... Vos sculptures me fascinent toujours autant. Très bon travail.
    Gros bisous

  4. He's fabulous! I think he looks a wee bit like Rick!

  5. Recent scientific research has show.... that the most creative people have the most messy workspaces. It can work against you, and even be a burden... Still I admire you can 'let go' of stuff. I tried in the past too, but soon after i miss my bits and bobs :(( So nowadays i restrict myself to a thorough clean up after each project, making the workbench ready for the next.

    Spiky Shane is 'adorable' although i wouldn't wanna run into 'm :s