Friday, July 20, 2012

Celebrating Shark Week 2012 With A New Sculpture

It's been awhile since I've sculpted a shark. And since August 12th kicks off the start of Shark Week 2012 : Shark Week : Discovery Channel I thought it was the perfect time to return to one of my favorite subjects! It is always fun rummaging through my reference materials hunting up shark photos.

Finding a carving pattern for a Great White shark would help guide my work.

Making the armature for my sculpture out of styrofoam would save on clay and weight!

Mounting the styrofoam sections on aluminum wire which is bolted to a base.

Cutting the styrofoam to give the shark a gentle curve.

           Starting to add Apoxie clay.

Tracing the fin pattern onto my clay fin.

Fins ready for carving and refining.

Pectoral fins and dorsal fin primed before final sanding. I'll be posting more photos as work on my Great White shark sculpture progresses.


  1. Can't wait to see this finished!

    Hope all is well your way! I am finally getting back around to Blogging again and visiting all my favorite Blogs!!!

    Cheers Mr. Rock Star!!!