Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Monster Time

Halloween is right around the corner and I haven't finished my new monster decoration yet! Our old monster had one of those paper skulls from Michael's that I sculpted paper mache over.

We got a couple of years out of it before it started crumbling apart. The new monster has a styrofoam skull which I sculpted Apoxie clay over.

Here he is with some hair being added. I'm hopeful he'll stand up to the elements better then his predecessor!

Besides monster making I've been replacing hooks on my fishing lures to get them ready for the fall striper run.

I have another board full of lures just like this one. But thankfully I don't use every lure. So I only have to ready my " go too " lures. These are the lures that over the years have proven themselves to produce more fish for me.


  1. I can't wait to see the skelly when it's finished. Make sure you post a picture!

    That's quite a collection of lures you have. Call me nuts but I could see one of those with the head off and putting a skeleton head on it! LOL!

    Happy Saturday to you and the Missus!!

  2. I cant wait to see him or her finished either Brian. Whats a striper? Is it some sort of Bass?

    Happy fishing!!!


    Debie xxx

  3. Thanks Debie. And yes it is a striped bass. Good fighting and eating fish ;)

  4. Wouaou!! Je suis très impressionnée par cette nouvelle création... Quel regard! Les yeux sont très intimidants! Je ne voudrais pas le rencontrer derrière ma porte!

    Je vous souhaite un excellent weekend.
    gros bisous