Friday, April 15, 2011

A Bad Bunny!

I've been working on a new dark art themed piece for my Etsy shop OOAK Bad Bunny by BlacknickSculpture on Etsy and thought I'd share a couple work in progress photos with you.

This naughty character started out as an aluminum wire armature. After padding the armature with foil I added a coating of Apoxie Sculpt clay which I allowed to cure.

After the clay had hardened I began adjusting the pose of the legs to give the figure the stance I wanted.

Here is the figure roughed out and posed on its wood base.

Remember what your Mother told you about taking candy from strangers? It goes double for naughty rabbits!


  1. My love of bunnies is well known, the badder the better! I do love him.

  2. I LOVE this piece Brian its got the good dark humour factor. Good luck with your sales.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxx

  3. LOL, I LOVE that hammer behind his back...he's sweet and sinister!


  4. Thank you all. I'm glad you like you like him. I appreciate your comments!

  5. Woot !
    This rabbit has a scary look on it's face...
    (very creepy)

    Loves it !!!