Friday, February 11, 2011

Sea Serpent WIP Update

I haven't had much chance to work on the sea serpent piece due to the rotten weather we've been having! I'm painting the serpent in acrylic washes and I need to protect the finish with clear lacquer before progressing to the next step.

We finally had a decent day here and I was able to get outside and spray the serpent so I could finish the painting. The serpent is now done, the fisherman and boat are 99% completed. All that remains to do is create the waves washing over the base.

On past projects I've sculpted the waves in clay, made a mold, and cast the waves in resin. It is a time consuming process but provides a dramatic effect! Here is a post with photos of my sculpture of The Old Man And The Sea for a look at resin water :

On this piece I'm going to use Apoxie Sculpt two part clay to create the water. The first step is marking off the direction I want the waves to flow using a marker.

Next I begin using foil to form my waves. The core of foil will save on weight and material. This weekend I hope to have the foil waves set in place so I can begin my wave sculpting.


  1. Cool to see the progress.

    Ah lack of progress. You're doing awesome man. I currently feel like such a tool creatively. I just never seem to have the time or drive to do anything (mostly a lack of time, which also means I have no drive during the very few bits I get off to myself).

    Keep on plugging away, I'm interested to see this new approach to water

  2. Its looking good Brian. Cant wait to see the end result.

    Debie xxx

  3. Thanks Debie :)!

    Sorry to hear about your lack of time to create new work Traumador. I think that is something that faces us all from time to time. I hope your creativity batteries get recharged soon!

  4. Bientôt, le printemps arrive et vous allez nous gratifier de belles oeuvres...
    Gros bisous