Monday, January 17, 2011

Sea Serpent WIP Photos

On Saturday I worked on the sea serpent piece. I reinforced the neck area by wrapping it in wire mesh and masking tape.

Next up I inserted the eyes I had sculpted and painted earlier.

For the sculpting I was using Apoxie Sculpt clay Apoxie® Sculpt which is a two part medium that you knead together to activate.

The trick is too only mix up as much as you can use before it begins to set up. I prefer using small batches and mixing more as I need it.

Once I begin sculpting I like to try and complete the piece in one sitting. I find that by doing so the newly mixed clay blends into the setting clay already on the piece more seamlessly.

Here is a few photos of the finished pose.


  1. Je vais devoir me méfier avant de mettre les pieds dans l'eau... Vérifier que Monsieur Brian ne soit pas passer par là!!! Sourire...
    Très bien réussi... Bravo!

  2. Amazing. It is always a *treat* to visit you!