Saturday, September 11, 2010

Michelle O’Neill Volleyball Tournament

My wife Diane and I took a stroll to check out some garage sales in Long Beach this afternoon.

She is the one in the blue shirt and baseball cap. She scored a blender, CD player and some yard decorations for Halloween.

We decided to walk the beach on the way home to check out the volley ball tournament.

September and October are my favorite months here. It is almost like having your own private beach.

The tournament is held each year in memory of Michelle O'Neill: Michelle O’Neill volleyball tourney - Long Beach - - Nassau County's source for local news, breaking news, sport...

That is Diane taking in the tournament from the boardwalk with her bag of garage sale treasures.


  1. magnifiques photos, merci de nous les faire partager... A bientôt, amitiés.

  2. Oh it is so refreshing to read posts by someone who really lives the simple joys of day to day life...I need to do that from time to time!

  3. Beautful beach. Would love to live where you live.
    Wish we had garage sales here in the uk. I'd be up bright an early every weekend if we did.
    Nikki xxx