Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cavern Work In Progress

Now that I had created my cavern ceiling using resin and chopped fiberglas cloth it was time to begin covering it in Apoxie Sculpt clay.

After mixing up a batch of parts A & B of the clay I apply a thin veneer of it to the cavern ceiling working it down onto the walls of the cave.

I can't work too large of an area at a time because I have to impart a rocky texture to the clay before it begins to set up.

This photo is of the entrance to the cavern. It is made of hardware cloth and styrofoam board.

After adding a layer of mache I covered it in Apoxie Sculpt clay. I find the mache closes the pores of the styrofoam board otherwise I keep getting loose particles of styrofoam as I apply the Apoxie.

An added benefit is it bulks up the piece without the added weight ( and expense ) of a thick layer of Apoxie clay.

This photo shows the finished cave entrance painted with acrylics and placed in its position on the plywood base. I now begin building up the rest of the cliff face which will eventually be joined to the entrance.

Here is one of the supports for the interior of the cave. It shows the wood frame, styrofoam board and veneer of Apoxie Sculpt.

This is a close up photo of the rock texture of one of the supports.

I hope to get a great deal of work done today before the heat and humidity return later in the week!


  1. This is looking good so far brian,
    really like the rock texture and colour !
    julie xx

  2. Hi Brian,

    I haven't visited in awhile. Looks like you're deep into a massive project! Your process is so complicated. Its nice when you explain it to us. Otherwise we would have no idea how you arrive at creating the wonderful things you do. Hope you stay cool enough to continue working. Have a great day!

  3. It is looking really impressive thus far.

    How badly can humidity effect your work?

  4. Thank you all for your comments :) I appreciate your feedback. Traumador the humidity can slow down the drying of some of my materials.

  5. It is looking great thus far...looking forward to seeing what it will look like once you are finished.

  6. Me ha encantado este trabajo que tienes entre las manos. Espero ver los adelantos.
    Besos Clara